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WHY YOGA? Everyday, millions of people around the world practice yoga to improve their wellbeing. While the origins of yoga are debatable, there is no doubt that the benefits of this old tradition have survived the test of time over many centuries. The name literally means “to unite” reflecting the core yoga philosophy of uniting the wellness of mind, body, and spirit. Originating in ancient India hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years ago, the practice of yoga was popularized to the rest of the world over the past few decades. By separating the core values of mind and body fitness from the theological and religious aspects often associated with its origins, the practice of yoga became accessible to people of all backgrounds and traditions. The modern practice of yoga emphasizing discipline and control over body and mind fitness and aspiring to the wholesome wellness of the individual is a welcoming concept to all. The benefits of yoga, which have withstood the test of time over many centuries, have been verified by modern science in contemporary studies showing the value of yoga exercises for various present-day ailments such as low back pain, heart disease and depression. If you have not tried it yet, it is about time. There is something in yoga for everyone, and Naya is your home for a new beginning.

NAYA offers a unique portfolio of yoga classes lead by a highly qualified team of instructors. Below is a brief description of our classes.

IYENGAR YOGA – A widely recognized form of Yoga, the Iyengar method is known for its attention to correct physical alignment. Using specialised props and poses, this class will help you develop better mobility and steadiness. Duration: 75 minutes. Click here to schedule.

HATHA FLOW YOGA – Probably the most widely practiced form of yoga, Hatha uses conscious breathing, mental focus, and mindful poses to bring you relaxation and develop strength and flexibility. Your instructor will take you through a flow of postures that will leave you with a refreshing sense of wellbeing. Duration: 75 minutes. Click here to schedule.

VINYASA YOGA FLOW – A dynamic link of movement and breath, our Vinyasa sessions offer a revitalising mind-body experience. In a creative sequence of challenging moves, the class will test your endurance, flexibility and strength. Duration: 75 minutes. Click here to schedule.

YIN YOGA – In a gentle, yet intense session, this class focuses on long-held floor poses (asanas) linked with breathing exercise to help you relax while stretching and strengthening deep connective tissues. Providing you with a calming experience, this session will compliment the other dynamic yoga and pilates classes we offer. Duration: 75 minutes. Click here to schedule.