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WHY PILATES? Pilates is a physical fitness discipline developed by the German exercise specialist Joseph Pilates in the early part of the previous century. It is estimated that millions of people around the world practice Pilates on a regular basis. The practice of Pilates is focused on disciplined movements and coordinated breathing. It is based on the six original principles of concentration and intense focus, control over every aspect of every movement, centering motion over a “powerhouse” of muscles in the center of your body, efficient and elegant flow of movement, precision in every move, and deep and coordinated breathing. With these six guiding principles, the Pilates system offers a wide range of exercises catering to different needs and limitations of individuals. The intensity of exercise can then be adjusted over time as individual endurance and flexibility progresses. Pilates can be performed using a simple mat, where your own body acts as the source of resistance, or a reformer, a specialized machine with pulleys and springs originally developed by Pilates creator Joseph Pilates. When performed properly, Pilates builds strength, develops endurance and flexibility, and improves coordination, control and balance.

NAYA offers a unique portfolio of pilates classes lead by a highly qualified team of instructors. Below is a brief description of our classes.

REFORMER INTRO – If you have never used a reformer, this class is for you. Originally developed by Joseph Pilates, this specialized machine helps you improve coordination and develop control and balance. Using our state-of-the-art Allegro II Reformers, this class introduces you to the pulleys and springs of this unique machine, and how to make it your best friend in developing your strength and endurance. Duration: 60 minutes. Click here to schedule.

REFORMER LEVEL 1 – Building on a basic knowledge of the reformer, your instructor will guide you through structured resistance exercises that isolate specific parts of your body to build strength, tone, and flexibility. Prior experience with reformers or completion of our REFORMER INTRO class is required. Duration: 60 minutes. Click here to schedule.

REFORMER LEVEL 2 – Do you feel comfortable with the classical reformer exercises, and would like to try something more challenging? This class is for you. Your instructor will take you through different levels of resistance and a more demanding sequence of exercises to bring your strength, tone, and balance to a higher level. Duration: 60 minutes. Click here to schedule.

PRENATAL REFORMER – In a safe and supportive environment, our prenatal sessions offer expecting mothers a wonderful opportunity to keep their body and mind in shape. The class will take you through specialized pilates exercises to strengthen your back and pelvic muscles and tone your entire body. The supportive setting provides an opportunity to connect with other expecting mothers. Duration: 60 minutes. Click here to schedule.

PILATES MAT LEVEL 1 – In a fun yet challenging flow, this class takes you through the foundations of classical Pilates. Your instructor will guide you through classical exercises focusing on the six pilates principles of focus, control, centering motion, efficient flow, precision, and coordinated breathing. Duration: 60 minutes. Click here to schedule.

PILATES MAT LEVEL 2 - Building on the foundations of classical pilates, this class offers more challenging elements of flexibility and strength focusing on the back, abdomen and torso. Duration: 60 minutes. Click here to schedule.

FITNESS BALLET – Combining the best elements of pilates and ballet, this class offers a full body toning workout in a fun and challenging experience. The session is centered around the barre, and uses specialized light weights and soft balls in coordinated and energetic exercises based on the principles of pilates, ballet and yoga. Duration: 60 minutes. Click here to schedule.